How it Works

You can use wobcare better by following these steps

  1. if you are a institute or any department and you want use “ wobcare “ then fill our contact form withyour name ,your NIC number ,your contact no.your department name, contact no, email address , established from ,and send us. after confirmation we will add your department or institute name in wobcare
  2. after add your department or institute you can sign up at wobcare also your students and employees can sign up with select your department or institute name
  3. select apply as : if you are self user then select self if you are a school, college, university,company, club, or any other department , then select as per your department or institute.
  4. if you want made a new team and you are not any department or institute then select option "others"
  5. sign up with your correct information and apply for account.
  6. open your email account and check wobcare email in your inbox
  7. log in wobcare with your email address and password.
  8. open your dash board. check categories list and select as per your favorite
  9. according to this category you can search events by select country, city, category, area .
  10. check event details according to your account , age limit , grade ,category, gender and last apply date after that apply for event
  11. check your id in event applied users for apply confirmation.after confirmation submit entry fee .
  12. as per wobcare schedule play pre matches for super sixteen teams selection .
  13. if you are selected in selected teams then check your id in selected teams.
  14. play your matches according to wobcare schedule .you can see your positions in tournament brackets
  15. if you won or 2nd position or 3rd position then you will receive prizes as pr your position. alsowobcare reward you about grade.
  16. you can play challenge match as per your grade, category, if you want challenge match then click at id that you want challenge and apply to challenge by click at send challenge requst .
  17. if challenger will accept your challenge then wobcare arrange your match your events and challenges that you play will show in your power card
  18. your grade will update according to wobcare rules. you can see your grade in your dash board
  19. first level grade is yellow color star . 2nd level is blue color star. 3rd level is green color star . 4th level is golden color star
  20. if you want change your institute name or your owner name or, you want show your team name at your team account page then fill contact form. yourname,NIC no, email address, your id no , contact no, old name , new name and send us.


If you are parents then develop the comfort zone with your children and negotiate about their future with them. You should be aware about the future planning of your child. You can prepare your child right from the childhood to develop the skill in the field he/she wants to join whether he/she wants to become a sportsman ,doctor , scientist , engineer or any other. In our society children are not free to choose profession according to their interest rather parents imposed their own wishes on them owing to which the child’s future goes into danger. if parents allow their children to choose profession freely it will not only make them happy but also process to be successful for them. wobcare is very helpful for you about your children future. this technique or method makes your child professional and skillful in the desired field.if wobcare protects your way to success then join wobcare then cooperate appreciate your children to lead their path towards success .


If you are students then you will be successful if you decide about their future in the light of your own wishes and interest.when you take part in different competitions you will become more skillful in your field whether you are a scientist, doctor, engineer, sportsman or any other come at wobcare and select events as per your desires play matches and improve your skills.when you will play in events then you can better know about yourself. after students selecting best occupation and due to this the nation will make progress by leaps and bounds.

Educational institution owners

If you are owning any educational institution then you have a big responsibility on your shoulders that you should provide such an education to the students that only fulfill their desires but also make them successful mastering there own field.The success of your students is the victory of your institution.the destination students will gain fane for your institution such students are the biggest source of advertisement for your institution. that’s why choose the right direction for your students future join wobcare for this purpose and fully cooperate with your students.

Department or company owners

If you are running an any department then hire successful employees and pay attention to their for continues success appreciate them for healthy activities and encourage them to acquire the Islamic knowledge and healthy activities to save your employees from unhealthy activities.held different competitions in your institution to indulge your employees to take part in healthy activities to put your institution on the way to success. you can arrange different events in your institution for the purpose of advertisement wobcare provides the best platform for the advertisement of your can not only advertise your institution but also promote healthful activities by joining wobcare and play a vital role in the national development . you are not only advertising your institution but also promoting healthy and educational activities with wobcare .